don’t (or do not) be a perfectionist!

I’ve begun my first Ampeduca course: Step-by Step Learning About Blogging for your Students. I chose this as my first course, because as much as I’ve been blogging about my journey, (and discovering that I’m actually pretty good at it, and sharing out my own reflections-who knew…) that there were a few natural next steps:

  1. Begin more documentation of students work (teachers documenting students) and sharing via blog and other sources.
  2. Getting myself educated and familiar with (when it’s time, and it will be time soon) for students to begin their own blogging process.

so…without waiting until any longer to push out my thoughts, I wanted to provide a snapshot into how it’s going, right now (note the title…?) I typically would have waited until after completing the course…being as detailed and oriented as possible; however, here is where I am, right now!

I’m currently working on Module Three, (*inside voice* this is where I want to defend why I’m only this far, having begun last week…but no…I’m stopping myself and working on just writing, doesn’t have to be finished.. k-e-e-p…w-r-i-t-i-n-g)

Module One was pretty straight forward. An intro into why reading is so very important when blogging/writing. I connected this to my first month within the cohort sessions with #cohortOJCS, now distinguishably referred to as; the docuMENTORS. If I had read and gone through module one before the fall, my view would have been more close minded at the time, which makes me feel and fully live out the realization that when you are actually going through something in real and parallel time to learning something, connections can be so much more vivid and lasting (*inside voice* making note of this for word problems and meaningful math connections; but keep writing…)

The second module was a “feel good” module for me. It validated all the troubling and worrying thoughts I suffered through (in my own head) about sharing out ideas, why? so what? I’m too private of a person.

A short clip shared in this module really put my past feelings into a beautiful sketchnoting video:

…so…I’m not that different from other people. (an oxymoronic *sigh* and *relief* at the same time there…)

As I begin Module Three, and at the point where I have stopped abruptly to change gears and hammer out this post in a stream of consciousness (Unit 2), I am struck again by this:

Yep…there she be! small print: “don’t be one! Do your best, but finishing and publishing to share is the point”

Let’s circle back to my first thoughts on when I make reference to when you are living in the moment as you are learning something…how it stays with you and heightens your experience: I dove right in with this post!

I’m curious to see (as I explore this in my posts) how my writing (if at all) will change, or if my posts and entries will be less wordy (I’m not banking on that one) but we’ll see, and more importantly, if I can really capture growth and connections through writing over time, which I hope will provide me first hand experience to show and grow from, as I soon begin to foster this learning and experience to my students.

I say it all the time in math: it’s sometimes more about the process, and not the product.

Bridge that to blog writing and me, right now: if I chose the word “don’t” or chose the words “do not” they both get my message out…just get the message and process out there, and keep moving forwards!

*ok, Chelsea, now press publish…but?!?….press it!*


  1. @Chelsea
    YES!!! Such an important component of documenting in capturing the RIGHT NOW. If we skip capturing when it is NOT perfect yet, we miss out on the opportunity to show evidence of growth. We also break down, what might seem a gigantic task, into smaller pieces and one step at a time, get it done!

    I can’t wait how you will connect this post to future posts to show these steps, a timeline, a different perspective over time… or evidence of growth in learning…the process…
    I am especially interested in changes in your writing (if any) will be evident?


    1. Thank you, Silvia. Yes me too! I enjoy sitting here typing out words and streaming thoughts together; however, with getting stuff out there and pushing the publish button, I’m a little concerned about the suffering of my writing….or maybe surprisingly the more honest and direct my writing may become? who knows…we’ll see!


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