Journey Reflections

embrace the almost

  *this blog post is also on my new blog site at* When you get discouraged and become frustrated, become more involved in other activities and move your focus […]

learning over lunch

Happy Wednesday! Today I have the pleasure of sitting in on a colleague’s “Lunch ‘n Learn” around Visual Aids for Executive Functioning in the primary grades. So here I am…live […]

quick glance back...

It’s spring…the snow has melted and the birds can be heard singing and chatting through the trees. Spring is a time of change, growth, and new beginnings…and as the title […]

(uni)cycle: getting started

What do you do, when you don’t know what to do? This phrase was always a motivator for me to push the importance of problem solving with my students. Still…I […]

feeling sketchy?

What is Sketchnoting? This is today’s topic on my learning journey with my cohort the DocuMentorsĀ  with our in-house visit with Silvia Tolisano. Is drawing and doodling a story with […]

finger on my pulse

This year my personal PGP objective (Professional Growth Plan) is “To develop a prototype for documentation of learning for word problems in Middle School that allows each student to develop […]

sticks and shovels

I was out on recess supervision yesterday and I noticed something that made me think a little outside the box. I wondered about why and why not. Shovels. As the […]