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  1. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano 5th junio 2017 at 12:44 pm | | Reply

    I had to laugh when I read “This has been very time insuming in the end, if we consider that we have 5 classes, 27 different diseases, 89 students to be evaluated. But isn´’t correcting 89 identical written tests also a lot of work and -most importantly- AWFULLY BORING????”
    You are so correct and I know that you are not the only teacher in this world dealing with this problem. 🙂

    I understand what you are going through, even with approval from administration, but you are still trying to fit new forms of teaching & learning onto the traditional system of evaluating. I believe that we will continue to “add to our work”, doubt the “why behind the work”, and not “convince anyone of the work”, if we continue to stand with one foot in the traditional system. We are sending the signal to stakeholders (parents, other educators, community, etc.) that we are “really not sure” and that is why we do both (new forms of teaching and learning, but “just in case” we hold on to the traditional form of evaluation.
    We need to work towards replacing traditional evaluation with contemporary assessments. I recommend a book by Starr Sackstein: Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School, but also one of the chapters in Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ book Curriculum21 . Also check out the Twitter Hashtag #TTOG (Teachers Throwing Out Grades) https://twitter.com/search?q=%23TTOG&src=typd

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