2 thoughts on “My Timeline… so far”

  1. @Josh
    I love your curated Wakelet of your learning journey through Twitter. You have amplified simply collecting and sharing individual tweets, but added your thinking, reflection, interpretation, reasoning, etc.
    You are making your journey VISIBLE to others and have moved beyond sharing what you DID, to documenting FOR learning.
    I am curious to also learn about your learning through the ACT OF creating your curated tweets? How is curating contributing to your reflection… your meta-cognition… your learning about your learning process?

  2. Hey Josh, Scrolling through your Wakelet I was reminded of the awe inspiring cospaces presentations your Grade 7s facilitated with such expertise. So many layers to their learning. I truly loved using a VR in a classroom context and their coded eco-systems were wonderful. Did this magic get shared homeward at all? It was so special. I am hoping the students documented their learning in a way that could be shared with their families.

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