Diving in!

It’s been so interesting considering blogging and preparing to take the plunge so to speak.  I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what to put out there into the universe.  What thoughts and ideas do I want to share?  How do I fit the writing element of this practice into a hectic day?  How do you overcome the permanence of a post?  I am also wanting the artistry of the whole process and appearance to be well thought out and planful.  I have been endlessly climbing to the top of the ladder and edging my way to the end of the diving board and peering into the water down below.

It’s so interesting and healthy being a fledgling at something again.  We tend to lean into what we are naturally good at.  And yet we ask this kind of risk taking of our students all of the time.  It is fundamental to their learning.  So I am both excited and overwhelmed and intrigued to see where this new deep dive takes me.