Launching Pineapple PD

The seeds were planted at our Faculty Pre-Planning days in August and now we are officially ready to launch Pineapple PD at OJCS.
Here’s a little refresher – What is Pineapple PD?  Well, it means throwing open our doors to welcome each other in so we can learn and grow together.  It is a VERY informal visit to a colleagues classroom to see something of interest to you.  You can go for 5 minutes or the whole period.  You can take notes or not.  No feedback, write-ups or follow-up required.
Pineapple PD is a perfect segue from our EdCamps and Speed Geeking where we have already experienced how much we have to learn from each other.  So prepare to level up because Pineapple PD will be a game changer for OJCS Faculty and their professional practice.
It is so meaningful because it invites a personalized approach to professional development (aka – We Own Our Learning) at a level of intensity that is just right for each and every educator.  You can dip your toe or dive right in.  You can host, visit or both!  It is also an amazing process to model for our student…after all We Learn Better Together. 

As educators there are no bounds to what we can be learning when we open our doors.  It will undoubtedly shift the culture of our school so that we can continuously be stretching ourselves.  To quote Courtney Golden, as quoted in Jennifer Gonzalez’s blog post, “It is a ‘safe’ and powerful professional development opportunity. Pineappling is free, fits within the school day, and has proven to be the BEST professional growth experience.”
How will this be organized?  Well, we turned to the Twitterverse for answers and Mark Barnes one of the authors of Hacking Education, alongside Jennifer Gonzalez, shared his two cents:

So, that is what Josh Max has kindly arranged for us.   We will all have access to a shared Google Calendar.  All Faculty will receive the link to join.  This calendar will house all open invitations for those who would like to welcome colleagues to come and see something.  We will also create a shared Google Doc where everyone can name skills, tools, strategies, approaches or topics that are of high interest.  This way people know what classes or sessions they can seek to host.

 The benefits of Pineapple PD to school communities are endless!
So let’s get PINEAPPLING, OJCS! 🍍
Barnes, Mark & Jennifer Gonzalez (2015).  Hacking Education.

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