OJCS NOW Literacies Bingo Challenge

Our OJCS DocuMENTORS journey with Silvia Tolisano teaching us all about NOW literacies has evolved each and every one of us in our own ways.  I have begun my journey as a blogger, tried my hand at Sketchnote, leaned heavily toward creating visuals through Adobe Sparks and Word Swag, created pic collages, used Flipgrid, signed up for a Digital Citizenship course through Ampeduca and am now using Twitter on daily basis.  I have found all of these new tools (aka NOW literacies) so enriching.  More importantly, I also now always have in mind what challenges I would like to engage next (i.e. taking on a blogging challenge to find a daily rhythm and to start listening to audio books through Audible).

The big question is, now that OJCS is deeply invested in Pineapple PD and throwing open our classroom doors so that we can learn from each other, how can we share all of these NOW literacy riches with our colleagues?  How do we help colleagues who aren’t actively engaging in the Silvia Tolisano tutorials move farther down the path of uncovering what tools will unlock further potential and help them document their process, and therefore their learning.  I wanted to create something that would invite OJCS faculty to try new tools that are of interest, inspire them to learn from/with DocuMENTORs, or from each other.  Enter the idea of a NOW Literacies BINGO challenge.  It would allow for personalized learning, encourage colleague-to-colleague coaching and promise both big learning and big FUN!

I consulted with Silvia about what tool would be best to create the digital bingo card.  I have much practice with Canva, but it felt too finicky for this particular project.  Silvia suggested Keynote, so I downloaded the app and tinkered until I produced this:


I then shared it with the DocuMENTORS team and asked for feedback, after all ‘we learn better together’.  What was truly wonderful was that they had much perspective to share and they too had areas of defined interest that they put forth to strengthen what was featured on the BINGO card.  Chelsea wanted a clearer objective for the “About Me” blog page challenge.  Shira commented about the value of adding QR codes, as this has come to shape the way her students document their learning for art pieces they create.  Ann-Lynn thought encouraging others to create a classroom Twitter account would be a good addition, as she has just experienced this with her class.  Melissa shared that including hyperlinking would be a valuable tool.

So, here is the revised version in all its glory:


With their feedback in mind, I made these helpful adjustments and then we launched the OJCS NOW Literacies BINGO challenge at our April faculty meeting.  I’m hoping everyone will own their own learning and try 5 new NOW literacy objectives this term.  Of course there will be prizes to motivate and incentivize them to participate, which may be the carrot for now…but soon as they try out new apps, tools, strategies and stretch themselves, that will undoubtedly be the true reward.

As a next step, we may try creating a similar BINGO NOW Literacies challenge for our students!

I will keep you posted on how this initiative goes!  Hopefully we’ll be yelling BINGGGOOOOO many times over!