Becoming a Tweep Through the Twitter Challenge

As part of our OJCS DocuMENTORS experience, I am reflecting on my Twitter journey as part of a Goosechase digital scavenger hunt.  I will try my best to be concise because this is one of many tasks I hope to complete today as part of this capstone challenge on a year that has enriched and stretched me (for the better) as a professional.

I signed up for my Twitter account years ago and didn’t really connect all of the dots at the time as to all of the richness it could/would bring both personally and professionally.  This year that has all changed.  I began using Twitter on a daily basis and was consuming everything everyone else had to share.  I came to love meeting new people, hearing about current educational practices and as a news source.  I suddenly had go-to Tweeps, started better understanding the trends and hashtags (i.e. book selfies, #selfreg, etc…) and started uncovering what I am passionate about as a school leader, educator and even as a parent.  I came to understand what a powerful means of communication and networking it truly is.

When I began working with Silvia Tolisano and the rest of the OJCS DocuMENTORS team, I started to gently participate far more actively in sharing out my own ideas, visuals and voice through Tweets.  I needed that nudge to not just enjoy what others had to share, but to value what I myself could lend.  It was so gratifying to deepen my connections through more active participation.  Then came the Twitter challenge.  That should have been in caps locks!  Then came the TWITTER CHALLENGE!  Here is a visual of the challenge, with thanks to Silvia for permission to share, so you see the scope of it.

What I discovered is that I was a pro at many of the tasks because I was already fairly immersed at that point.  It really helped me better understand the culture of Twitter, more closely consider the features of amplification and also experience the whirlwind that is Twitter chats (which I need more practice with).  It was a wonderful experience overall and definitely stretched me for the better.  I continue to work on evolving my engagement with Twitter and really do see it as an invaluable addition to my toolbelt as an educator and as a school leader.  Feel free to comment below to share your personal experiences with engaging a Twitter challenge or consider being inspired to try it yourself.

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