Skype between Argentina and Sweden

On Monday February 23rd, 2015, during our training meetings, we held our first videoconference with other professionals in education  from a school in Gothenburg, Sweden.

CONFERENCIA - panorámica con expl
Click to enlarge. Photo credit: Cristina M – Edit credit: Melina S

 Considering the intention of documenting the experience, we assigned different roles to witness the experience from different perspectives.

Moreover, we combined criteria to determine where we should put the emphasis on during our conversation and agreed to take a look through the window as an ice breaker.

Although we had to overcome some technical issues, we enjoyed an enriching experience which allowed us to „give life“ to a contact and seriously consider the possibility of creating global connection learning.

These were our first steps. They were enough to set ourselves a path to walk along, which will allow us to share experiences with the world and enable us to grow together.

Speakers: María C, Gaby H

CONFERENCIA - disertantes

Photo credit: Cristina M

Scribe: Gabriela B

CONFERENCIA - documento compartido

Photo credit: Cristina M

Solving technical issues

CONFERENCIA - dificultades técnicas

Photo credit: Cristina M


2 thoughts on “Skype between Argentina and Sweden

  1. @Melina,
    You have a way with words, as you say above „allowed us to „give life“ to a contact“. THAT was exactly the intention of allowing the cohort participants to experience a Skype call for THEIR OWN learning. Imagine when you find and bring opportunities to take learning „off the pages of a book“ and make them come alive for your students. Why talk about an experience? Why simulate, if it is possible to literally bring the world into your classroom? I believe that these experiences can spark further curiosity and as you say „consider the possibility“.
    I am looking forward to see HOW you will bring these possibilities into your classroom as well as use them for your own learning.

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