During Documentation Phase: Encourage “Capturable” Thinking

During Documentation Phase The actual moment of documentation changes one’s perspective when one is cognizant of the task of later reflecting and sharing that same moment. One does not just glance over moments, but strategically becomes aware of documentation opportunities that later on will help tell a particular story. The eye is honed to be […]

The Moral Imperative of Sharing

We are all on our own learning journey. All of us have different experiences and backgrounds. Some of us have been reflecting on the paradigm shift in education longer than others. No one else can accelerate the speed of our own journey but ourselves (self-motivated/self-directed), but there are also pieces to that journey, that no […]

Let’s Connect on Twitter

Twitter is a constant drip of thoughts, ideas, projects, resources and more, IF you have put a quality network together that will filter and curate quality content FOR you. Throughout the school year, I will curate information, relevant to our cohort, and share them with the #cohortOJCS hashtag. Please feel free (or consider yourself encourage […]