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It’s spring 2021, and time to reflect on my teaching and growth over this school year. The first word that comes to mind is: This year was beyond challenging in every way possible: Teaching through a pandemic while staying healthy… Continue Reading →

Living our North Stars through Curriculum Building (PGP 2021)

Teachers are professional learners. We are assigned a portfolio and teach those subjects to our students. What do you do if you aren’t strong in that area? Math, science, Tefillah? You learn it! Often I believe that is the best… Continue Reading →

Spring PGP 2020 – Unexpected and Unprecedented

This blog post is coming a little late, (a couple months late actually)…but it is the first time that I have been able to breathe since Covid-19 struck and we transitioned to distance learning. Pre-Covid, this year held many successes… Continue Reading →

PGP 2019: Cross-Curricular Art Integration

My students relish their time in the art room… Art is my favourite subject! Awww, we miss art this week, it’s not fair! Why can’t we have more art classes! Can I come at recess to finish my art project?… Continue Reading →

Challenges, Opportunities, and Growth

As the summer draws to an end and my thoughts turn towards the school year ahead, it is the perfect time to reflect on the wonderful year that was and all I learned in my time as a DocuMentor. Firstly,… Continue Reading →

Challenges and Choices

How do you react when faced with challenges? Looking back on my time as a DocuMentor and the myriad challenges given to us, it is ia perfect time to reflect and analyze how I react in these situations. I am… Continue Reading →

Art Show Highs and Woes

  So much work, so many hours, researching, planning, organizing, and still things go wrong, still much to learn and do differently next time. So despite all of the positive feedback, my perfectionist side focuses on what I should have… Continue Reading →

SPRING PGP- Behaviour Management in the Art Room, QR codes, Blogging, Reflections and more…

Behaviour Management in the Art Room The process of developing a personal written Theory of Behaviour Management for the Art Room helped me to focus on what I really wanted my art classes to look like, clarify classroom rules, and… Continue Reading →

Preparations Galore

Art piece selection…Take 2! Grade 1 students have also begun the process of selecting materials and preparing their artist statements for the art show. This class was approached differently than Kindergarten as their literacy skills are stronger. First we spoke… Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action… Art Show!

Spring is finally here and plans for my first art show are underway. My first year as an art teacher has zoomed by and it is time to display the fruits of my students labour. I have been both dreaming… Continue Reading →

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