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Preparations Galore

Art piece selection…Take 2! Grade 1 students have also begun the process of selecting materials and preparing their artist statements for the art show. This class was approached differently than Kindergarten as their literacy skills are stronger. First we spoke… Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action… Art Show!

Spring is finally here and plans for my first art show are underway. My first year as an art teacher has zoomed by and it is time to display the fruits of my students labour. I have been both dreaming… Continue Reading →

We (the Students) are the Documentarians!

February is all about family in Kindergarten Hebrew class. We are learning the names of our family members in Hebrew ( אֲנִי אבּא אִמָּא אָח אָחוֹת תִּינוֹק תִּינֹקֶת קָטָן קְטַנָּה גָּדוֹל גְּדוֹלָה סבּא סָבְתָא חַיַּת מַחְמַד כֶּלֶב חָתוּל דָּג אוֹגֵר),… Continue Reading →

Endless Possibilities

  Today the Documentors will learn the art of Sketchnoting, a technique that can help make thinking visible by putting thoughts and ideas into pictures. As a former doodler (before life with 4 kids and a full time job) I… Continue Reading →

Capturing Resilience

Today the Documentors were invited into a Grade 3 math class with the goal of making learning visible. The students were assigned open-ended multiplication problems, and demonstrated their knowledge of 1 or 2 digit multiplication, using pictures, words, and numbers to demonstrate… Continue Reading →

An Emotional Challenge…

This is the second challenge I have undertaken, and it proved to be challenging indeed! I am an emotional person (sometime overly emotional) so this challenge spoke to me, as did the examples I watched in the pre-planning stages. Let’s… Continue Reading →

Enriching Art Experiences

Following my previous post Stretching Beyond “of Learning”, Janet Hale made some excellent recommendations on how to enrich my planned art lesson. Unfortunately, I only saw them after the lesson was completed. How to correct this fail? Apply the suggestions to… Continue Reading →

Stretching beyond “Of” learning

While reading through the first chapter of Documenting for Learning by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, It became obvious to me that although I was proud of my photos and displays of children’s learning, this is as far as I usually get…. Continue Reading →

Improving Documentation

Upon reading the first chapter of A Guide to Documenting Learning, by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano and Janet A. Hale, it was obvious that my style of documentation has been OF learning. Basically, I tend to photograph or take video clips… Continue Reading →

Face your Fears

For our second challenge we were tasked to choose an inspirational quote.  This one resonated with me the most as throughout my life I have been forced to face and overcome my fears so many times. It is never easy… Continue Reading →

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