While reading through the first chapter of Documenting for Learning by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, http://langwitches.org/blog/2018/01/30/now-available-a-guide-to-documenting-learning/

It became obvious to me that although I was proud of my photos and displays of children’s learning, this is as far as I usually get. Since our 3 day immersion as the new cohort, my brain has been spinning trying to figure out ways to stretch upcoming lessons in order to accommodate richer experiences and documentation.

This week I have decided to switch up some of my pre-planned lessons in order to include more freedom and exploration.

Grade 2 art will be printing with fall leaves where they will experiment with primary colour mixing. I will begin by asking them about the primary and secondary colours. How many different colours can we make from red, yellow and blue? How can we make brown? What colours do we see in real leaves during autumn? Next the students will experiment with positive and negative space. First stamping around the leaves with a sponge and the new colours they mix. Then painting the leaves themselves and adding prints inside the spaces.

Grade 4 will discuss and document what happened in their Georgia O’Keefe inspired warm and cool colour lesson. The aim here will be for them to reflect on where the goals of the project were unmet, problem solve how to fix them, and document the process, then trying again in order to achieve them. Hopefully it will aid this group in following directions, while using freedom of exploration within certain parameters. Something this group struggles with.

Kindergarten will have a new take on Noah and the ark. We will each design arks using tin foil and experiment with how much weight they can hold. Will they float? How should they look? How will each child interpret this lesson? I can’t wait to find out…