Spring is finally here and plans for my first art show are underway. My first year as an art teacher has zoomed by and it is time to display the fruits of my students labour.

I have been both dreaming of and dreading the art show from the moment I accepted the position of art teacher.

Dreaming of it because every artist dreams of showing their work to an audience.

Dreading it because of the amount of work I know it will be.

I have been researching how to hold an art show with all year with gusto. Listening to advice on podcasts, reading blog posts, and looking at ideas other teachers have used on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. This research has taught each that there are many ways to hold a successful art show and it will take practice and experimentation to find the way that works best for me.

This year, the art show will not go forward as my original idea of an Art Cafe evening to raise money for the art program. Instead it will be held during Grandparents day and be a special feature for them to feel extra pride in their grandchildren.

I have gone through the prototype protocol and broken down the basic next steps that I need for the show:

1) 3 pieces of art from each student.

2) Reflections or artist statements for each piece.

3) Contact rental company and gather quotes for renting display boards for the event.

Today I began the art selection process with my Kindergarten students. We spoke about what an art show is and how working artists have art shows in galleries. Then we looked through their work and selected their 3 favourite pieces.

This process was somewhat challenging. They had a hard time sitting through the selection process and some couldn’t decide which piece to choose. I think it could be done better and more efficiently. Luckily I will have another chance with my second Kindergarten class.

Tomorrow I will repeat this process with grade 1 students and begin to build their artist reflections. There is a plan in place to keep the students busy and engaged.

Most importantly though…

The work has begun!!!