So much work, so many hours, researching, planning, organizing, and still things go wrong, still much to learn and do differently next time. So despite all of the positive feedback, my perfectionist side focuses on what I should have done differently…

Here is the list:

  1. All art work should have the student names written again on the back!
  2. Double and triple check using class lists to make sure that each student’s art and reflections are done before starting.
  3. All reflections should be attached to the individual pieces of art before beginning to mount/arrange them.
  4. Pieces designated to be given to the Grandparents should be separated into a different folder from the beginning to avoid mix-ups.
  5. I can’t do it all myself and need the help of my volunteers, but only I know the students work. So they need to understand how my organization systems work.
  6. Tell team exactly what needs to happen (clear instructions) before they start.
  7. Get a supply teacher 1 or even 2 days before the show to work only on set up without (minimize) distractions!

What went well:

  1. Choosing 3 best pieces. It was a lot of art but it covered multiple Grandparent gifts and really highlighted the students work throughout the year.
  2. Having my trusted network of art teachers on Facebook (Deep Space Sparkle Sparklers Club). They responded immediately to any questions I had, and offered valuable advice. Also gave positive feedback and encouragement!
  3. Using bulletin board paper as a backdrop for the artwork, duct tape to reinforce, and 3M Command removable poster strips to hang the panels.
  4. Using a combination of written (typed) and QR coded video reflections to elevate the artwork. I heard parents reading the reflections and commenting positively about the students ideas. This was a great way to document their learning.

So…was the first art show a success? Yes I believe that it was in many ways…will next year’s be better? DEFINITELY!