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Challenges and Choices

How do you react when faced with challenges? Looking back on my time as a DocuMentor and the myriad challenges given to us, it is ia perfect time to reflect and analyze how I react in these situations. I am… Continue Reading →

An Emotional Challenge…

This is the second challenge I have undertaken, and it proved to be challenging indeed! I am an emotional person (sometime overly emotional) so this challenge spoke to me, as did the examples I watched in the pre-planning stages. Let’s… Continue Reading →

Face your Fears

For our second challenge we were tasked to choose an inspirational quote.  This one resonated with me the most as throughout my life I have been forced to face and overcome my fears so many times. It is never easy… Continue Reading →

The Hug

Today was an exercise in  pushing beyond my comfort zone. As easy as it is to be natural in front of my students, I struggle with “putting myself out there” and making myself vulnerable for public judgment. I also have… Continue Reading →

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