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#TTOG: rethinking assessment and less grading 4 more learning?
Grades, marks, tests, examinations, correcting, correcting, correcting. The whole weekend, reading one after another the same stuff, trying to decipher the hyeroglipic writing of some students, that have been trying to answer what they thought I expe (More)
Who owns the learning?
Ayer terminé el libro con el título interrogante, escrito por Alan November. Es parte del bookclub y creo que ya mencioné cuánt (More)
Book-review: Making Thinking Visible (R.Ritchart-M.Church-K.Morrison)
This book caught my attention since its very beginning. It begins explaining that in English language there are about a quarter million distinct words, however native speakers (certainly not me) use merely around 7000 words that account for 90% of th (More)

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