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Peardeck, una forma de transformar tus presentaciones
Hace unos días leí el último blogpost de mi amiga y colega Mariana Ducros (Marianita), sobre la necesidad de reinventar nuestras presentaciones. Les recomiendo lo vean More)
#TTOG: rethinking assessment and less grading 4 more learning?
Grades, marks, tests, examinations, correcting, correcting, correcting. The whole weekend, reading one after another the same stuff, trying to decipher the hyeroglipic writing of some students, that have been trying to answer what they thought I expe (More)
Project Based Learning-some challenges
  Project-based learning has many challenges. One of the major problems I faced while having the students working very concentrated in groups with their netbooks, gathering information for the campaigns, was that I suddenly felt that they wer (More)

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