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Math Daily 3 and Distance Learning-A Virtual Learning Experience
March 13, 2020 will be a date forever etched in my memory. One can say it is a day that every teacher realized that the future is now. For myself (and my colleagues) this was a realization that did not frighten or intimidate us. We have been preparin (More)
The power of inquiry
Kath Murdoch - The Power of Inquiry. Easy to understand and full of practical examples. Completely links with PYP (More)
Slidedeck May 2019
Preparing for a Final Reflection
We are moving towards the end of the school year and our coaching cycle. It is time to start thinking about your final reflection of working around documenting learning and making learning visible, meaningful, shareable and amplified. By now you k (More)
Webinar: OJCS Book Club & KWHLAQ
We have a variety of book titles as part of the OJCS Book Club, all connected in some shape or form to the now literacies and skills, learn (More)
The Moral Imperative of Sharing
We are all on our own learning journey. All of us have different experiences and backgrounds. Some of us have been reflecting on the paradigm shift in education longer than others. No one else can accelerate the speed of our own journey but ourselves (More)
Chapter 1
Full disclosure - after completing this video, sitting on it for a few hours, I completely intended to remake the video to include some thoughts I felt I hadn't completely expressed initially. But as this is my first post on my journey to document FO (More)

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