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We (the Students) are the Documentarians!
February is all about family in Kindergarten Hebrew class. We are learning the names of our family members in Hebrew ( אֲנִי אבּא אִמָּא אָח אָחוֹת תִּינוֹק תִּינֹקֶת קָטָן קְטַנָּה גָּדוֹל גְּדוֹלָה סבּא סָבְתָא חַיַּת מַחְמַד כֶּלֶב חָתוּל דָּג אוֹגֵ (More)
Welcoming Pineapple PD @ OJCS
We are gearing up to launch Pineapple PD here at OJCS in order to move closer to reaching our North Stars.  One o (More)
My Sketchnoting Journey
I am feeling very fortunate to again be learning with Silvia Tolisano and adding to my repertoire of communication tools and digital literacy.  The challenge of the moment (outside of writing a blog po (More)
First Pineapple Party!
We did it!  We had our first Pineapple PD experience today at OJCS.  We have the extraordinary opportunity to be working with Silvia Tolisano, author of More)
Capturing Resilience
Today the Documentors were invited into a Grade 3 math class with the goal of making learning visible. The students were assigned open-ended multiplication problems, and demonstrated their knowledge of 1 or 2 digit multiplication, using pictures, wor (More)

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