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Initially, the focus of my Personal Growth Plan was The Daily 5, understanding and implementing its literacy framework in order to create a classroom of highly engaged readers, writers and learners. I feel confident about my professional growth this year and was often able to capture many moments where my students were on their own personal learning journeys.

The Daily 5 allows students to follow our North Stars. The above photos provide evidence that we own our learning. During our literacy blocks, these students transformed themselves into an animal researcher, a biographer, a poet and a couple of book worms (students working on a novel study). So is that it for our Daily 5 journey ? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I want all of my students to be prepared now for their future.

How do I amplify all that the Daily 5 has to offer? Embed the now literacies into this wonderful framework and show them by example how to be a leader.

As I read chapter 2 of A Guide to Documenting Learning, I came across a QR code that lead me to a blog on the best ways to demonstrate leadership. As I studied the above sketch note, this was in fact what had transpired as I introduced Twitter, a blogging platform to my Grade 2 class. So why have a classroom Twitter account? It was a solution to a problem. When filling in a KWHLAQ chart, one of my students discovered there was not enough information on the Narwhal in our school library or on-line to satisfy his curiosity. So as we brainstormed and filled in the KWHLAQ chart, Twitter was suggested as a way of reaching out to others in our community and the world. That is how our first lesson on Twitter came to be. I simply pulled up my first Twitter post and the sharing and learning began. The purpose of our classroom account, understanding of hashtags, and our profile were the focus of our first lesson.

Our next step will be how to write a tweet and use the hashtags that will allow us to connect to our intended audience (scientists and researchers). Introducing this tool allowed me to incorporate the now literacies into my Daily 5 curriculum, which is essential if we are serious about graduating students that are literate. The now literacies are:

  • basic literacy (reading,writing, listening and speaking)
  • media literacy
  • digital citizenship,
  • global literacy
  • information literacy
  • network literacy

I will no longer look at literacy the same way. My eyes have been opened and I am excited each day to understand and learn more about the now literacies. I will demonstrate leadership by modelling by example, be transparent in the process, go through the experience alongside my students and share.

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