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Not very globally connected…YET!


Prior to this school year, the only connections I made were one sided. By that I mean, I never contributed to the connection, I merely took. I would search Google, Pinterest,, read blogs, listen to podcasts about teaching looking for ideas and inspiration. While I was busy taking, I didn’t stop to realize how […]

Sketchnoting Journey


  Today is the first time I will be trying to sketch note. I honestly don’t know what sketchnoting means (yet). I wonder if this is something I may be good at? I like to doodle but I’m not very good at drawing. My students and I often make fun of my drawings when I […]

Collaboration in Progress!


What learning did I see happening? Today I had the opportunity to observe a math lesson guided by a series of open ended questions. The lesson was given by my good friend and colleague, Julie, and assisted by the lovely, Faye. I wasn’t sure what lens I would be observing the lesson through. I expected […]

Making Globally Connected Jewish Students


It is very important for students to recognize their strengths, weaknesses, traits, where they come from, their traditions and culture, etc, as all of these items build their identities. It is also important that these same students are exposed to the global community so that they are able to see how other people live around […]

How Will the Current Flow?


As a teacher I am constantly thinking about my lessons. How am I going to introduce a topic, what supplies will I need, how will I make it engaging for the students, and on and on. This is literally on my mind almost all waking moments of my day. Whether I’m walking through the aisles […]

A Teacher’s Learning Journey


Straws and Connectors


Woah! I am finished day two of three where I am learning how to document my learning AS a learner. Still trying to wrap my head around all of the information that is being hurled my way by experts and those passionate in their roles. Silvia Tolisano is inspiring me to reach beyond my comfort […]

Here goes nothing…


Ok, so clearly I didn’t play with enough play dough as a kid. 🙂 Today was wonderful, even though I entered panic mode several times. Thankfully only for a brief periods. So excited (and totally freaked out) for the adventure that lies ahead.  

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