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Prototype Protocol - Planning
Over the last few weeks, I have moved into the planning phase of the prototype protocol, and have begun developing the actual website where my blogging course will live. I met with our IT Director, and discussed the various platforms that would make (More)
Coronavirus Virtual Time Capsule - Documenting History
Cross-post from my Class Blog. There has been a lot of talk about how we are living through history these days. The things we document a (More)
One Week, Two Weeks, Three Weeks, Forever Weeks?
My last post was on March 2, 2020...ten days before my school closed its doors due to COVID-19; eleven (More)
You'll Never Know if You Don't Ask
My initial goal for my PGP was to create a set of learning modules around blogging to help teachers who are new to OJCS understand what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. After collecting data and challenging my assumptions as a part of the pr (More)
Prototype Protocol - Challenging Assumptions Through Data
In my last post, I named some assumptions I had about blogging, and then challenged those assumptions by collecting data in var (More)
Prototype Protocol - We built it, but nobody came...
Last year, my colleague and I worked on creating a prototype protocol for the staff in our school to follow when prototyping something new. This was based on the work some of our staff had done with NoTosh. At first we created a More)
Teaching Children vs Teaching Adults
My current role at The OJCS is part time grade 5 teacher, part time Teaching and Learning Coordinator. In the latter part of my job, I work with teachers and help them plan, create, revamp or simply brainstorm th (More)
Citas Visuales
por Claire B. More)
Nuevo Blog para mi materia
Hoy empecé a armar el blog para mi materia Health and Adolescence. More)
Por qué "alineamos los patitos" en el grupo con Silvia Tolisano?
Hoy vine a mi "primer segundo día " de la capacitación con Silvia Tolisano. Ayer no pude asistir y sentí bastante angustia y ansiedad por la idea de e (More)
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