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It's spring 2021, and time to reflect on my teaching and growth over this school year. The first word that comes to mind is: [video width="1280" height="714" mp4="" au (More)
Unpacking "Now" Skills and Literacies through a Tweet
The challenge was to share an interesting article or other type of media and at the same time be cognizant of the "now" skills and literacies involved in sharing said resource. More)
Slidedeck May 2019
Challenges and Choices
How do you react when faced with challenges? Looking back on my time as a DocuMentor and the myriad challenges given to us, it is ia perfect time to reflect and analyze how I react in these situations. I am a perfectionist. I strive to do my be (More)
Webinar: OJCS Book Club & KWHLAQ
We have a variety of book titles as part of the OJCS Book Club, all connected in some shape or form to the now literacies and skills, learn (More)
OJCS 18 Days of Twitter Challenge
Below you will find a curated collection of the contributed tweets during the 18 days. (More)
An Emotional Challenge...
This is the second challenge I have undertaken, and it proved to be challenging indeed! I am an emotional person (sometime overly emotional) so this challenge spoke to me, as did the examples I watched in the pre-planning stages. Let's just say, some (More)
Documenting4Learning Blogging Challenge
One of the challenges for this cohort is the challenge of using a blog to document one's learning and reflection. It is never about the logistics of blogging (How do I upload an image? How do I embed a video? How do I tag or categorize a post? What i (More)
Face your Fears
For our second challenge we were tasked to choose an inspirational quote.  This one resonated with me the most as throughout my life I have been forced (More)

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