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The New Literacies Backchannel Transcript
Download transcript as a PDF file Document, go back, re visit, remix and add value LEANNE - 29 minutes ago Cap (More)
FlipGrid Thoughts Around Documenting Learning
Slidedeck May 2019
We (the Students) are the Documentarians!
February is all about family in Kindergarten Hebrew class. We are learning the names of our family members in Hebrew ( אֲנִי אבּא אִמָּא אָח אָחוֹת תִּינוֹק תִּינֹקֶת קָטָן קְטַנָּה גָּדוֹל גְּדוֹלָה סבּא סָבְתָא חַיַּת מַחְמַד כֶּלֶב חָתוּל דָּג אוֹגֵ (More)
During Documentation Phase: Capturing Images
During the Documentation Phase, you might capture different media. Images are an easy and fast way to capture visible and sometimes "not so visible" evidence of learning. As with other media, there are a few things to consider to: protect someon (More)
During Documentation Phase: Encourage "Capturable" Thinking
During Documentation Phase The actual moment of documentation changes one’s perspective when one is cognizant of the task of later reflecting and sh (More)
Sketchnoting students: surprising experience!
"Sketchnoting is a form of taking notes wherein the sketchnoter visually represents his or her thoughts and ideas". This is how More)
My LEC 2017
A few days ago the much expected Lincoln Educational Conferences finally took place. I attended the LEC for the first time last year, 2016, and was thrilled. A completely different approach to education to what I am used to. Being able to interact wi (More)
Project Based Learning-some challenges
  Project-based learning has many challenges. One of the major problems I faced while having the students working very concentrated in groups with their netbooks, gathering information for the campaigns, was that I suddenly felt that they wer (More)
Visible Thinking Routines: QFT, research, headlines and CSI at Environmental Ed
My students at the 12th are working on environmental disasters since two weeks. The steps I decided to use were the following:     (More)
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