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embrace the almost
  *this blog post is also on my new blog site at* When you get discouraged and become frustrated, become more involved in other activities and move your focus from one (More)
learning over lunch
Happy Wednesday! Today I have the pleasure of sitting in on a colleague's "Lunch 'n Learn" around Visual Aids for Executive Functioning in the primary grades. So here I blogging this sharing experience! She (the teacher) started the s (More)
quick glance back...
It's spring...the snow has melted and the birds can be heard singing and chatting through the trees. Spring is a time of change, growth, and new beginnings...and as the title of this blog "the chrysalis chronicles" makes connection in some aspect of (More)
don't (or do not) be a perfectionist!
I've begun my first Ampeduca course: Step-by Step Learning About Blogging for your Students. I chose this as my first course, because as much as I've been blogging about my journey, (and discovering that I'm actual (More)
(uni)cycle: getting started
What do you do, when you don't know what to do? This phrase was always a motivator for me to push the importance of problem solving with my students. Still...I continuously found that my students would stop, freeze, and give up way too fast. No (More)
role playing
I remember as a young girl and right up until yesterday (getting out of my comfort zone) I tended to go right to typical roles. What I know I was good at. How did I know this? I tried them, I practiced them, and I wanted to do them. Today, as we wor (More)
feeling sketchy?
What is Sketchnoting? This is today's topic on my learning journey with my cohort the DocuMentors  with our in-house visit w (More)
when frogs, fairies, and dragons play together...
...LEARNING HAPPENS! I recently conducted mini problem solving workshops with my middle school students, that I also extended to grades four and five in my ro (More)
finger on my pulse
This year my personal PGP objective (Professional Growth Plan) is "To develop a prototype for documentation of learning for word problems in Middle School that allows each student to develop his or her own process for solving problems." So why hav (More)
literacy and ..."fill in the blank"
Why fill in the blank? Because learning and understanding that literacy is made up of a multitude of skills, aptitudes and is ever changing and fluid within its own definition is essential. Literacy moves beyond reading and writing. It includes th (More)
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