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Pandemia y nosotros
Hace mucho tiempo que no escribo en este blog. Hoy es 15 de mayo. El 15 de marzo, hace dos meses calendario exactamente, el presidente de la Argentina anunciaba el cierra de las escuelas por la pandemia de Covid-19. Estábamos festejando el cumpleaños (More)
Aprendizaje y Enseñanza de las Ciencias
Junto a Meli Furman y Mariana Luzuriaga, a quienes ya tenía el placer de conocer de un curso que hice hace unos años sobre "enseñar ciencias de m (More)
Inteligencias múltiples: puesta en práctica
Este año el colegio nos ofreció la posibilidad de formar parte de una capacitación organizada por More)
Aprendizaje cooperativo: fact or fiction?
Vean las siguientes foto: More)
It's been more than a month ago that I used this tool in my classroom, but I didn'want to miss the opportunity to document this experience. Flipgrid ( is a video discussion platform, a (More)
GooseChase experience
In the middle of a moment of the year when I felt I was reaching my limit with innovation, shifting and creating exciting and meaningul moments full of productive learning, with a blank mind hoping for a jump in time that would take me to holidays, I (More)
#TTOG: rethinking assessment and less grading 4 more learning?
Grades, marks, tests, examinations, correcting, correcting, correcting. The whole weekend, reading one after another the same stuff, trying to decipher the hyeroglipic writing of some students, that have been trying to answer what they thought I expe (More)
Project Based Learning-some challenges
  Project-based learning has many challenges. One of the major problems I faced while having the students working very concentrated in groups with their netbooks, gathering information for the campaigns, was that I suddenly felt that they wer (More)
Visible Thinking Routines: QFT, research, headlines and CSI at Environmental Ed
My students at the 12th are working on environmental disasters since two weeks. The steps I decided to use were the following:     (More)
Health literacy- being a critical health surfer
  Hoy comenzamos en 4C como first lesson a incursionar en las prácticas de distinción y filtro de la información disponible en (More)
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