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Teaching Children vs Teaching Adults
My current role at The OJCS is part time grade 5 teacher, part time Teaching and Learning Coordinator. In the latter part of my job, I work with teachers and help them plan, create, revamp or simply brainstorm th (More)
Blogging Bingo
(Cross-post from my class blog) B-I-N-G-O!! Here is our newest Blogging Challenge. Students will add to their personal blogs, and are challenged to complete as many of thes (More)
Teaching and Documenting and Personalizing..Oh My!
As I've mentioned before, we often ask students to write a reflection on their work and encourage them to set goals for themselves. But do we actually te (More)
The Only Cure Is More Sketchnoting!
I am at the very beginning of my sketchnoting journey. I have never, not even once, made a sketchnote. At this moment, I believe sketchnoting is drawing images to represent ideas we hear about or read about. They can be connected in various ways to t (More)
The Documenting Process
Although I've written some blog posts both here and on my classroom blog in an effort to document my learning and the learning of my students, I've never consciously thought about the actual process of do (More)
For the Love of Reading
I have always been an avid reader. I think it's in my blood. If you'd ask me to draw a picture of my grandmother, it would be of her sitti (More)
Where Am I Going? Where Have I Been?
January 7, 2008 was the first day of my first teaching job in Vancouver. I graduated with my B.Ed in 2007 and started working towards my Master' (More)
Must Do May Do
As I've been working towards personalized learning in my classroom, Math is the area where I'm struggling the most to ensure that I'm reaching each (More)
Those "AHA" Moments
I feel like I'm on a learning Merry-Go-Round. I learn something new, I apply it to my teaching, I reflect on it, I show my students my reflection, they share their thoughts with me, I learn something new, I apply it to my teaching, I reflect on it... (More)

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