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It's spring 2021, and time to reflect on my teaching and growth over this school year. The first word that comes to mind is: [video width="1280" height="714" mp4="" au (More)
Network Weaver
Network it does not involve yarn and needles, nor is it something you'd read about in a dystopian novel. It is, however, the focus of my professional growth plan (PGP) for this year. Every year at OJCS, each teacher chooses an area of gr (More)
A Foot in Both Worlds
During pre-planning week this year I led a session with the faculty at my school titled, A Foot in Both Worlds. The goal of the session was to help teachers begin to understand the new reality we would be facing at our school. From what I have (More)
Spring PGP 2020 - Unexpected and Unprecedented
This blog post is coming a little late, (a couple months late actually)...but it is the first time that I have been able to breathe since Covid-19 struck and we transitioned to distance learning. Pre-Covid, this year held many successes including: (More)
Self-Evaluation Narrative - Spring 2020
It's that time of year again. Time to reflect on my year, the professional growth goals (PGP) I set for myself, and set new ones for the future. Reading More)
Prototype Protocol - Challenging Assumptions Through Data
In my last post, I named some assumptions I had about blogging, and then challenged those assumptions by collecting data in var (More)
Jessy 老师国际汉语教学加油站
这本书是为国际学校老师、海外中小学汉语教师编写的汉语教学策略集,来自Jessy老师几十年来教学经验的整合与提炼。这本书以时间为纲,从开学前的准备、上课前的准备、刚上课的教学活动、上课时各语言要素的教学及语言技能的训练、下课前的教学活动等多角度提供实用的教学建议及注意事项。诸如以下种种问题,读者都可以很方便地根据自己的需求、情况,找到合适的教学策略: 一些典型的问题有:去国际学校教汉语要做什么准备?开学的第一周怎么度过?什么时候开始教拼音?  可以利用哪些ICT练习生词?谈语法,烦不烦啊?不翻译, (More)
Matthew Lipman Thinking in Education
This book highlights the first steps of rapid changes in education. Even though it was written in 90s' it raises an important question of what do we teach and how crucial it is to focus on inquiry-based learning applying philosophical tools.   (More)
Innovative teaching of maths - developing growth mindset
This book summarises how maths should be taught in very different ways. Jo Boaler Mathematical Mindsets (More)
The power of inquiry
Kath Murdoch - The Power of Inquiry. Easy to understand and full of practical examples. Completely links with PYP (More)
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