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  1. Mrs. Raftery‏ @mrs_raftery
    Learned so much about digital tools in the classroom, especially Skype. Can’t wait to try it. #eircTLC

  2. During today’s workshop we discovered how we could possibly create a globally connected classroom. It was amazing to connect with people, via Skype, from around the globe. Being able to tap into an infinite number of resources has opened my eyes to the possibilities of the amazing experiences that could be available to my students. I am the one who can open my students’ eyes to the millions of opportunities that are out there. I’m so excited to take this new educational journey with my students!

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    Attending #EIRCTLC with colleagues from area districts. Led by Silvia Rosenthal @LANGWITCHES , this part of the consortium showed several
    #EIRCTLC …ways to connect through Skype. We participated in 4 Skype sessions and were in 4 global locals while staying in NJ! What an…
    #EIRCTLC …exciting way to make a global connection with experts, classrooms, teachers, authors, and others!

  4. Leaving here reflecting on my own teaching and how I use technology in my classroom. Do I use technology just to use it or is it actually developing skills and furthering their education. I’m so excited to sift through all of the resources to see where I can use them and enhance the curriculum. I’m going to start with connecting globally through Skye’s and blogs to create book talks. Getting the perspective of other kids across their world from different backgrounds on the same books would be such a great learning tool!

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