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Please choose one of the reflection options below. Your choice of reflection is up to you. Once you have completed your reflection, please leave a comment on this blog post with a link, where we can find your reflection. (Ex. a link to a YouTube video for the Selfie Video or your Twitter @username, if you chose to reflect via 140 characters or less)

23 thoughts on “Learn – Reflect- Share

  1. The way I know my professional learning is meaningful is if I leave feeling crisis-induced chest pains. I already do some of the things we talked about today, but there is SO MUCH I haven’t done that I reflexively want to stuff ALL the tech into my teaching and learning plans. Obviously this is not feasible, nor is it wise, but it’s borne of the panic that inevitably comes with professional growth. The challenge today, right now, is that I must learn as much as possible about the technological possibilities at my disposal and curate the applications appropriately. This make me feel a little unmoored, like I’m navigating the brave new world all alone in a walnut-shell boat and I’m a rogue wave away from disaster. However, the last place I want to be is this walnut-shell boat. Time to build a bigger vessel.

  2. Videoconferencing is a way to stay golbally connected-to be enriched without extreme expenditures. I filled out the google form and one of the things that I reflected on was the ability to be more globally aware while working on 21st century writing skills-a necessity in this day and age.

  3. Silvia, I thought your presentation today was fantastic. At the beginning of the day you made a comment about us experiencing rather than just seeing or being taught, and that really hit home for me. Our students today are engaged so much more when they are “doing” or “experiencing”. They yearn to be hands on, and I believe they learn so much more when they are an active participant in their education. I would truly like to introduce video conferencing and blogging in my classroom. I would also like to expand on the idea behind the quote about things that are not seen on the web do not exist. I would love to hear about some more resources I could use to expand my knowledge of video conferencing.

  4. This workshop was wonderful! I really enjoyed Skyping with people that are literally around the world! This workshop has motivated me to look for ways to challenge my students to become globally connected. Too often, we think that our classrooms are confined to four walls in a building. We don’t always realize that we have the world at our fingertips with all of the technology we have access to. I am excited to watch my students grow and invent new ways to connect with others and extend learning to other cities, states, countries, and even continents!

  5. I have a new vision for using technology to enhance learning, reflecting and sharing. As educators, we must value global education and we are lucky to live in an era where there are so many tools to make global connections. This session helped provide my team with common understandings. It stirred up our passion for reaching students in new, engaging ways!

  6. I had a great day today with Silvia. I would use skype in my classroom because it is very simple and fun to use. I really enjoyed meeting the children and adults. Your mother is adorable 🙂
    I will use skype in my class and discuss novels and have my students discuss the novels they are reading for their choice book projects.
    Skyping is an easy tool to allow students to explore on their own. I can’t wait to use mystery skype as well.

  7. Learning about using a vast array of technology in the classroom was very interesting today. I need to work on incorporating this new found information into a busy curriculum schedule, but I feel it will be beneficial. I especially liked the idea of using today’s meet to gather the students’ thoughts and reflections. Another important resource to take away from today’s presentation is the idea that student’s need an authentic audience for them to feel that their work is meaningful and appreciated.

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