Preparing for a Final Reflection

We are moving towards the end of the school year and our coaching cycle. It is time to start thinking about your final reflection of working around documenting learning and making learning visible, meaningful, shareable and amplified. By now you know, that I am an advocate for self-directed and self-motivated learning. Metacognition and reflection is […]

During Documentation Phase: Capturing Images

During the Documentation Phase, you might capture different media. Images are an easy and fast way to capture visible and sometimes “not so visible” evidence of learning. As with other media, there are a few things to consider to: protect someone else’s privacy observe digital citizenship etiquette minimize post-documentation editing time and effort Here are […]

During Documentation Phase: Encourage “Capturable” Thinking

During Documentation Phase The actual moment of documentation changes one’s perspective when one is cognizant of the task of later reflecting and sharing that same moment. One does not just glance over moments, but strategically becomes aware of documentation opportunities that later on will help tell a particular story. The eye is honed to be […]