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Twitter is a constant drip of thoughts, ideas, projects, resources and more, IF you have put a quality network together that will filter and curate quality content FOR you. Throughout the school year, I will curate information, relevant to our cohort, and share them with the #cohortOJCS hashtag. Please feel free (or consider yourself encourage to push outside of your comfort zone) to contribute to our learning under that hashtag as well.

to write: Simply create a new tweet and add the #cohortOJCS hashtag at the end of the tweet or when you RE-tweet someone else’s tweet, add a comment to their tweet by including the #cohortOJCS hashtag.

to read: In order to stay up to date on the contributions under the hashtag, you need to take action, since you will not simply see the tweets in your feed. You can create a column in Tweetdeck with the search term “#cohortOCJS“, or you need to enter the term “#cohortOJCS” in the search box of Twitter on your phone or table app or on the Twitter site on your computer.

Here is Jocelyn’s Twitter list:

  • Check out each person
  • read their bio profile
  • see if they have a link to their blog for further info about them
  • and read the last 5-10 tweets they shared

…then make your decision if you want to follow them or not. Remember: each of us is different with our needs from our network. Someone that I (or Jocelyn) follows might not be interesting to you or contribute to an area of interest or learning you have in the moment. So, choose wisely! (Hint: you can always unfollow them later, if they prove to not add value to your learning)

Jocelyn also encourages you to follow her school blog to check out what’s been happening this year (Hint: add the blog address to your Feedly account).

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