Documenting4Learning Blogging Challenge

One of the challenges for this cohort is the challenge of using a blog to document one’s learning and reflection. It is never about the logistics of blogging (How do I upload an image? How do I embed a video? How do I tag or categorize a post? What is the difference between a post and a page?), but about the learning that can happen when we capture and connect our learning in a digital space, that can be shared and lead to an amplification of traditional analog journaling and learning.

In our last webinar, I shared with you 18 individual challenges that will give you a pretty good exposure to different types of documentation and opportunities to capture your thinking in a given moment in time of your career, learning and action research about a given topic, idea or research area.

You can pick and choose which challenge you would like to complete:

  • to push yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • as ideas to get going in documenting FOR and AS learning

You can also following this pre-established sequence, if you crave a little more structure. 🙂

Each challenge has step-by-step directions as well as examples of other bloggers.

All you need to get started is to click your way through to the Documenting4Learning Blogging Challenge!

Challenge 1 – Write an “About Me” Page

Challenge 2 – Notecard Confession Video

Challenge 3 – Capture Learning

Challenge 4 – Interview

Challenge 5 – The 1-Day-Blue Challenge

Challenge 6 – Screencasting

Challenge 7 – Learning Goals?

Challenge 8 – Quote

Challenge 9 – Your “Life as a Reader”

Challenge 10 – Sketchnote – Out of Your Comfort Zone

Challenge 11 – Video Scavenger Hunt

Challenge 12 – Book Review

Challenge 13 – 30-Second Video #eduin30

Challenge 14 – A Day in Your Life

Challenge 15 – Learn-Reflect-Share

Challenge 16 – Share 5 Favorite Blogs You Read

Challenge 17 – Amplify Your Reflection

Challenge 18 – 5 Potential Future Blog Posts


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