Webinar: OJCS Book Club & KWHLAQ

We have a variety of book titles as part of the OJCS Book Club, all connected in some shape or form to the now literacies and skills, learning how to learn and teach for the 22nd century and the future of education.

The idea is to have an opportunity to experience and experiment with “social reading”. Here are some questions I have about the concept of social reading. Please share and add your own questions in the comment section below:

  • How do we amplify reading as a solitary activity to a collaborative, crowdsourced and social activity among other readers?
  • How do we become aware and take advantage of reading to be able to add value to others who will also add value to our learning and thinking?
  • How do we read, by keeping curation and sharing of perspectives, connections and information with/for others in mind?
  • How do we create transmedia experiences as a result of our reading?
  • How do we “translate” text based reading into other media forms to support and amplify the content of our reading?

Don’t forget to share your reading on our collaborative Google Spreadsheet.

In our webinar, we also touched on the routine/protocol of the updated KWL, now known as KWHLAQ.

I encourage you to try this reflection routine out for your own learning to see and experience each section FOR your OWN learning.

For more info and the downloadables that I shared with you during the webinar, please send me an Whatsapp to request an ampeduca code for the following course: Upgrade your KWL Chart to the 21st Century.


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