This is the second challenge I have undertaken, and it proved to be challenging indeed! I am an emotional person (sometime overly emotional) so this challenge spoke to me, as did the examples I watched in the pre-planning stages. Let’s just say, some tears were shed…so I thought hard about what I wanted my message to be.

For me, the most important thing is my relationship with my students. Especially the little ones. I remember each and every one of my teachers, and the younger I was, the stronger the memories are! I was so ready for school when I started. I was reading novels and loved challenges, but my first year left some scars because of my teacher. Through the years there were teachers I loved, and those I was less than fond of, and what made the difference was that connection. Did they show that they cared about me? Did they help me in difficult social situations during the school day, or was I left alone to face the lions and queen bees? This is the difference that I vowed to make for my students!

I want the first day of Kindergarten to be full of smiles, not tears. I want to offer support when peers are mean, and teach them to stand up for themselves. I want to explain things in many different ways so that everyone can understand. I want to teach kindness, resilience, and compassion. I want my students to think, “I CAN!”

So I wrote my confession about my memories of Kindergarten…the bad and the good, and how I have taken that experience and used it to create a positive impact.

Now the challenge…working with technology…low budget/free technology! I filmed my video with my chromebook camera, which is an mkv file and not supported by many editing tools. I couldn’t use youtube or adobe spark, so I asked a collegue for advice and tried WeVideo. Let’s just say that it isn’t a simple program…or at least not for me.

What I learned…RESILIENCE! It has taken me 2 weeks to complete this challenge. I learned how to layer and fade in and out time limited sound clips to make the audio and video fit. I learned that before finishing, you have to check the title screen, because now I am stuck with one I don’t like (the free version won’t let me go in and edit without upgrading).

Basically, I felt the frustrations that many students feel during their assignments. Luckily, this time, I HAD the supportive teachers on my team when I asked for help to support me so I could see things through!