Art piece selection…Take 2!

Grade 1 students have also begun the process of selecting materials and preparing their artist statements for the art show.

This class was approached differently than Kindergarten as their literacy skills are stronger.

First we spoke about how working artists have art shows to display and sell their work. They name their artworks and create artist statements (write what their work is about, etc.)

Next we modelled giving creative and unique names to our art and describing what we liked about it, what we learned, and what we still want to learn or improve upon. As always emphasizing that we are all learning and always improving with practice whether we are students, teachers, or working artists.

Each student was given a graphic organizer and began the process.

For some, the process was effortless, others struggled to choose their favourite pieces. Some tried to rush through and needed more coaching along the way to dig deeper into their reflections.

Just as the bell rang, with the class lined up at the door, one student writing quickly to finish her last thought, a smiling student approached me and said:

Morah Shira, I know what I learned!…Before I didn’t always like my art, but now, I know that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

No matter what happens, this art show is already a success for me!

My students are embracing a growth mindset, they are learning to be creative without fear of making mistakes and in the process they are expressing themselves and making beautiful, authentic art!

I am one happy art teacher!