How do you react when faced with challenges?

Looking back on my time as a DocuMentor and the myriad challenges given to us, it is ia perfect time to reflect and analyze how I react in these situations.

I am a perfectionist. I strive to do my best at all times. I am a self-motivated learner. I constantly take on too much. So what happens when Silvia Tolisano challenges me with not one but MANY challenges all or most of which are well beyond my comfort zone? First reaction…excitement at trying and learning something new. Next…panic¬†how will I ever do this? It is too foreign and too much! Then…close my eyes and jump!

This was often the feeling I faced in the challenges…like I was taking a leap of faith…I can’t learn unless I try so here goes…face the fear and try to embrace it. After all, isn’t this what we ask of our students when they are challenged to try new things? What is the worst thing that can happen? Maybe I’ll make some mistakes along the way, but after all isn’t that how we learn? Isn’t that how we model learning for our students? Plus don’t forget, I have my fellow DocuMentors to help me if I get stuck.

What motivates me?

I am self-motivated! It is what keeps me on my toes, always thinking of how to do something better, try something new.  In this respect, the challenges Silvia presented were right up my alley.

Did I accomplish all of the challenges offered? Not yet!

Throughout the year I have been chipping away at them, earning badges slowly but surely. This is the beauty of choice. I began where I believed that I would and could succeed best. But the remaining challenges are still there…tempting me to take another leap!